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Shirat Devorah is a seminary for newly observant Jewish women between the ages of 20 and 30.   Our desire is to create a structured learning environment where each student’s individuality and spirituality are nurtured, where they can learn how to live Jewishly and connect to the Land of Israel.  We wish to give them an understanding of the Jewish People, the “big picture,” and to help them bring out their own learning from within.  At Shirat Devorah, we are creating an institution in a place that’s young and vibrant, and is infused with the Chassidic Tradition, with joy and song.  Shirat Devorah does not just replace Jewish Day School learning, but is imbued with the educational experience that observant children gain from their parents.

In the book of Judges (chapters 4-5), Devorah the Prophetess and Judge rescues Israel from the hands of a foreign conqueror.  She then sings a song attributing her success to her strength as a mother.  All was amiss in Israel until, she poetically declares, “I arose as a mother in Israel.”  We embrace the idea that Jewish women hold great wisdom and lead our people.  Just like with Devorah, they can best accomplish this through their unique strengths as women.

We are excited for you to become a part of our family.

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