Shirat Devorah Spends an Awesome Week Preparing for the Israel Trail!

Shirat Devorah participated in many layers of preparation for their big camping journey on Shvil Yisrael (Israel’s National Trail), including Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Inner preparation.
Our schedule from last week was a Whopper! Check it out!
On Monday, Shirat Devorah prepared intellectually for their journey through the study of the parsha of last week, Shelach Lecha. We compared the spies looking at the land, with Avraham’s first walking the land, and of course the difference between the 10 spies and Caleb and Yehoshua. We looked at “seeing” as an overarching theme in the parsha and how our minds and inner dimensions control what we see. There is a difference between “holy seeing,” seeing that is connected to One above, and “egotistical seeing,” seeing that is from a very narrow, limited place. We affirmed our desire to walk the land with holy eyes as we acquire more and more of the Israeli landscape with every step we take.
On Tuesday, Shirat Devorah traveled to Hevron to Mearat Machpela, the cave where the Patriarchas and Matriarchs of our people are buried including Avraham and Sarah, Yitzchak and Rivka, and Yaakov and Leah.  We went there, like Caleb, in last week’s parsha of Shelach Lecha, to ask for chizuk (strength) on our journey and to invite the Patriarchs and Matriarchs to join us as we walk in their footsteps and begin to walk the trail that runs the length of Israel.
While in Hevron we met with Ilan Tor for a spiritual tour of the Cave of the Patriarchs/Matriarchs. Later that day we met with Sarah Nachshon, the last of our W.O.W. program for this year (Women of the World). Sarah was perhaps our most inspiring and transformative W.O.W. yet as we witnessed the power of what one determined women can accomplish.
On Wednesday, Shirat Devorah took to Gan Sacher to work with Shmuel Weissfeld, Founder and Director of the Radio Program “Off the Beaten Path.”  Shmuel prepared us by teaching us all to read topographical maps, the proper way to build a fire, first aid procedures, and equipment and packing questions.  Boy did the excitement start to mount then!
On Thursday, we met with Nechama Perel Wachsman and learned all about using our non-dominant hand, and the inner truth that can unleash. This insightful work alllowed us to get in touch with our inner beings and formulate individual inner focus points to work on as we journey on Shvil Yisrael. This workshop was such a personally meaningful one!
Thursday was also our Farewell/Launching Lunch as students and teachers gather to share ideas and what empowering thoughts they are taking with them from the year, as well as display their artwork from the Art and Integration class.  Shirat Devorah students spent all year working once a week with artists, helping them use art to process both Torah themes they were learning as well as their own inner journey.  The resulsts were quite special! Check out our audio posts and photos!
We’re off to see …..Israel! Off we go on a camping journey of a week and a half starting way in the North, beginning to walk on the trajectory that crosses the entire land of Israel from North to south. We will be concentrating stricty on the Northern part for now, and look forward to entering into relationship with the land as we take in her beauty.

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