Imagine Yourself at Shirat Devorah

Take a moment to imagine… winding your way through the quaint streets of Nachlaot until you arrive at the Shirat Devorah Homestead. Our madricha (counselor) welcomes you in and offers you a cup of tea. You chat with her for a while, find your room, and settle in. Other students are already there and pop into your room to say hello and share their excitement for a year of learning. After a night of dinner and yummy dessert on Ben Yehudah Street, you crash into bed. In the morning, all the students head down for Integrative Torah. You start your day with Laughter Yoga and ice breakers and jump straight into a chavruta (partner-based learning) session with a fellow student. You delve into the story of the Creation of the World and then discuss your questions and the commentaries of our tradition’s greatest scholars with an educator. You are then led into our Kitchen Laboratory where you prepare a dish for lunch and are instructed on how to do so according to Jewish Law. All of the students gather for lunch and take some free time. In the afternoon, you learn about the Baal Shem Tov, the founder of the Chassidic Movement. You learn about his life and about the current events of his day. Afterwards, you join a chavruta to delve into the book of Joshua, just as the Jewish People are preparing to enter the Land of Israel. Spices in the ShukYou go on a tour of the Shuk (outdoor market) and learn how to say pomegranate, fig, and orange in Hebrew. You taste the best fruits that the Holy Land has to offer. After dinner in the Shuk, all the students come together for our Leadership workshop. You practice the art of seeing: seeing each other, seeing your surroundings, and seeing the gifts in your life. You make a commitment to be more aware during the following week. Then you head off to your room to journal and call your friends from home. You excitedly tell them about the growth you expect will happen this year.