Information for Students

There is a lot to know about learning Torah and living in a foreign country. We feel so blessed that a young woman created a website answering all of the questions that she had when she came to study in Israel. We highly recommend you take the time to read through her website:

On this page, you can find information about:
Shabbat Hospitality
Mobile Phones
Packing List

Shirat Devorah students are required to have Student Visas. We suggest that you get your visa in Israel and will help you to file with the Ministry of the Interior. Student Visas are valid for one year.

If you would like to get a student visa before coming to Israel, click here:

Shabbat is the heart of the Jewish experience. We make sure that our students always have a place to go for Shabbat, either in Jerusalem or out of town. Students are also encouraged to check out:, a site dedicated to finding you Shabbat hospitality with welcoming families ANYWHERE in the country.

The Shirat Devorah Homestead in the heart of Nachlaot has room available for all of our students. Bedrooms hold up to three students and come fully furnished. We highly recommend that students live in the Homestead, as to best experience building a community with peers. Students must be under thirty years old to live in the Homestead. Rent in the Homestead is $350, including water, gas, and electricity.

Students who are married or will not be living in the Homestead can find apartments through the following services:

Shirat Devorah students are required to have health insurance, as Israeli hospitals do not accept foreign insurance. We have a relationship with Egert and Cohen insurance company, which can provide all of your insurance needs.

We require that students get health insurance and Personal Effects insurance. The documents below need to be filled out and sent to:

Shirat Devorah

Sulam Yaakov

P.O.B. 6986

Jerusalem, Israel


Personal Effects Insurance Form
Travelers Insurance Form
Health Insurance Form
List of Benefits
More Information from Egert & Cohen

We are happy to give you details about the health insurance plan for 2012/13.

  • Plan is through Harel Insurance Company, Israel’s largest medical insurer.
  • In Jerusalem, the cover includes all branches of Terem (24 hour emergency service) and the Jerusalem Medical Center, staffed by top English – speaking doctors and specialists.
  • Hundreds of contracted doctors and specialists throughout the country.
  • Emergency room and hospitalization cover in all hospitals.
  • No deductible.
  • Cover for prescription medication, laboratory tests, X-Rays, etc. (subject to policy conditions).
  • Psychological/Psychiatric consultations (subject to policy conditions).
  • Physiotherapy treatments (subject to policy conditions).

Shirat Devorah has procured a deal with Talk ‘n’ Save for all of our students. We recommend that students sign up to rent a phone through them if they have not already done so. Please read the document below for more information:
Talk ‘n’ Save Information for Students

We recommend that students talk to friend in Israel to get advice as to what is ideal to pack. Some core necessities we recommend are:

  • Winter clothing (temperatures go down to 30F)
  • Summer clothing (temperatures go up to 100F)
  • Everything in between clothing
  • Hiking and swimming gear
  • Linens, towels, blanket, and pillow (can be purchased inexpensively here)
  • Warm socks or slippers for the cold floors
  • Modest clothing for days of learning and Shabbat
  • Toiletries that you love (brands, although varied and great are different here. Eco brands are limited)
  • Yoga mat