Nachlaot is home to a diverse community of Jews.  Many Israeli and foreign students and singles thrive in the multifaceted expression of Judaism that exists here.  Whether Sfardi or Ashkanazi, Yemenite, or Chassidish, every tradition thrives here with life and passion. Nachlaot residents experience that all traditions have much to teach us, that they are all a rich texture in the fabric of our people.  It is in this backdrop that Shirat Devorah students find themselves.

Shirat Devorah is supported by a community of families that welcome our students into their homes.  These families include educators from our program, Rabbinic students and educators of the Sulam Yaakov Yeshiva, and many English-speaking and Israeli families who share a love and passion for Torah and the Jewish people.  Our community is filled with people who are drawn towards many expressions of Torah, and are not limited by one form of dress or one point of view. This has created a very open community of people who live together harmoniously, accepting each other’s traditions and loving all Jews just as they are.