Our Program

Shirat Devorah is a program dedicated to providing newly observant Jewish women with a comprehensive Jewish experience that involves their minds, bodies, and souls.  We offer intellectually challenging courses with at least three hours of chevruta (partner-based) learning per day.  Students get a breadth of Jewish knowledge by learning about the major stories in the Torah, the Prophets, and the last 2000 years of Jewish History.  Experiential learning courses and workshops empower students to learn Jewish Law by doing it, to build a relationship with G-d by working at it, and to come to great insights by seeking them out within themselves.  Our goal is to empower each student to find her unique voice and significant role in the building of our people.

Every woman has her story.  She is a co-author with Hashem in writing it.  Sometimes she may take a long time to get through chapter 4 and overcome the obstacles there.  Sometimes she may be living chapter 6 over and over again.  Ideally her story will be long, rich, and full of life.  Shirat Devorah creates an environment in which students encourage each other’s growth, allowing each student to envision the greatness that can unfold in her life’s story and to actively pursue it.